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Free K2 Plugins
2 Coolest FREE Mastering Plugins
After my “Hollywood Master Challenge”, a LOT of people having been asking what the “mystery” free plugins were that I used. So here they are!
The K2 story. It all started in 1998, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Two young software developers fresh out of college had a vision to make process automation easy.
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marken, k2 - Coomback 114, Entity, Sira, Captura Pro, Tainted Luv 74, Pinnacle 130 SV, Luv Boat 108, Route, Captura Jade Bouquet, Ally, Trim to Fit 150mm
3D models, meshes, texture maps, shaders, materials, and vector graphics designed for purchase, to use in Lightwave, 3dsmax, Poser, Shockwave 3D, Softimage and Maya.
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K2Store is simple and intuitive shopping cart for Joomla and K2. Create a K2 Item and enter price. K2 Store will turn your K2 Items as products.
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FL STUDIO 11 - Best Free VST Plugins