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Free Lan Messaging System
Instant messaging software for office and home LAN or intranet. AlterNative network messenger software, download free LAN chat program to send network popup …
LAN messenger
Lan messenger allows you to send and receive messages over the intranet network as easy as possible. The feature rich and business oriented network messenger that ...
LAN messenger
A LAN Messenger is an instant messaging program designed for use within a single local area network (LAN). Many LAN Messengers offer basic functionality for sending ...
Download LAN messenger for an internal office chat. Softros Secure IM is an easy instant LAN messaging software for Windows. Setup office Lan chat. Intranet corporate ...
Instant messaging
Instant messaging (IM) is a type of online chat which offers real-time text transmission over the Internet. A LAN messenger operates in a similar way over a local ...
LAN Messaging Clients
Download software in the LAN Messaging Clients category
Cezeo software
Develops network and security software for Local (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN, Internet) of all sizes for a home or small office to mid or large-scale ...
Messaging protocol
SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol): This XML-based messaging protocol is used to encode information before sending it over a network.
Top 3 free LAN Messengers
Looking for LAN Messengers free download for Windows 10/8/7? Here is the list of top 3 freeware LAN messengers that let you chat within a local area network without ...