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Learn Igbo Language For Free
Learn Igbo Now
Learn Igbo Now is created by Yvonne Chioma Mbanefo, an Instructional Designer and Digital Storyteller based in London, UK. Feel free to contact her on the contact ...
Igbo language
Igbo (Igbo ; English / ˈ ɪ ɡ b oʊ /; archaically Ibo / ˈ iː b oʊ /) (Igbo: Asụsụ Igbo), is the principal native language of the Igbo people, an ethnic ...
Free Online Language Courses
free online language lessons for anyone who wants to try to learn how to communicate with other people from around the world
and Learn Nigerian
Home >> Languages >> Igbo. Igbo (not Ibo) is a language spoken in Nigeria by the Igbo people (Ndi Igbo). It is written in the Roman script and is a tonal language ...
Language Exchange
Language exchange learning via pen pals, text chat and voice chat using free lesson plans.
The sound inventory of Standard Igbo consists of eight vowels, thirty consonants, and two tones, depending somewhat on the analysis. Igbo has only two syllable types ...
Learn to Speak Korean
Learn and practice your Korean with a native speaker in a language exchange via email, text chat, and voice chat. Use free lesson plans.
Igbo calendar
System. In the traditional Igbo calendar a week (Igbo: Izu) has 4 days (Igbo: Ubochi) (Eke, Orie, Afọ, Nkwọ), seven weeks make one month (Igbo: Ọnwa), a month ...

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