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Learn .net Programming Free Online
function myFunction() { var x = document.getElementById("demo"); = "25px"; = "red"; }
Fantastic Contraption and Fantastic Contraption 2 are online games which teach a user some fundamental programming lessons. For example, this games teach you that ...
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Learn .NET Programming
Jobs.NET Web Developer at FinTech Startup (with traction) FundApps in London, United Kingdom Negotiable; Build simple tools to solve complex problems at Red Gate
Online Resources to Learn Java
I have put down highly useful resources that may come in handy to improve your Java programming skills in one month.
C programming
Designed to help learning C or C++. Also provides C and C++ programming resources.
Microsoft .NET
.NET Framework. The .NET Framework provides a comprehensive programming model for building all kinds of applications, from mobile to web to desktop.
Articles and technical information that will help you start developing with and master Delphi for .NET. Find out about the new IDE, Ado.Net, Asp.Net, ECO, IL, aspx ...

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